hot desert landscaping, llc

*Routine monthly cleaning and removal of debris around your home is important in keeping pests such as spiders, scorpions, millipedes, gophers, packrats  and snakes from establishing a habitat.     


The tools and methods we use for erosion control are unique to your land, are based on solid knowledge of how erosion starts, and what is needed to stop it.   We review this with you and guarantee the job will be done right and to your satisfaction.  


Residential CARE

Don't have time to pull the weeds, rake the debris or trim trees?  We can do this for you on a routine basis or as often as you would like.  Our services include irrigation service,  trimming shrubs and trees, removal of debris, removing weeds, fertilizing, soil amendments for depleted soils, de-grubbing, water abatement, erosion control and everything you need  for outdoor maintenance to make your day go better. 

water abatement

Do you have the monsoons finding their way into your home?   We have permanent methods  to remove water safely to the street during heavy monsoons, with a 100% guarantee. Contact us before the monsoons arrive!