Working with the flow of the monsoons

The flow of water is impeded by using ties

.....then small dams around trees to retain water.

Goal: To prevent erosion and preserve trees

The Finished product

Installing French Drains to remove water from foundation of home

hot desert landscaping, llc

Before,  with a blowout into the street



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After,  using underground channels, and wall

Check Dams to slow monsoon activity

Eroded area and damage to street

Improved conditions and street preservation


water abatement

With the Monsoon season comes massive amounts of water, eroding hillsides, working on foundations of homes and in general doing damage.   Methods we use to secure your property are wattles, rock,  gravel, drains, pumps, silt fencing, brick, block. plantings and adding amendments for the soil.  We review the conditions with you and bring the project into clear view to achieve optimum results.  We are a member of the International Erosion Control Association.